Bringing back the Fiesta

original logo

This local interior design workroom was in need of a logo redo – one that reflected the vibrant window treatments and tailored upholstery they are known for creating.

I met with the owner and we worked out a sketch for the new logo that incorporated swags and jabots (that’s curtain talk in case it’s new to you too) with a font that was both “fiesta” and elegant.

The result is a logo with customized text that can be used with or without the swag. It looks striking in black and white, and also in Fabric Fiesta teal.

Business cards and a social media relaunch followed, with a focus on before-and-after project updates.



Gabby Batts, Extraordinary Hero

portrait of character GabbyThis story, written by a friend and teacher’s aide, started in her classroom as a lesson to prepare students for the inevitable – conflict. It focuses on the cause, effect, and how to turn the situation around.

page 12 from the book

sketch of girlsThe author could imagine main character Gabby in her head, with hair that’s a little wild and freckles. Others, such as the bus driver, needed to look like a real life counterpart. I sketched out characters first in pencil, as in the group of new friends here, and finished in Photoshop.

book coverGabby Batts Extraordinary Hero is a great conversation-starting tool. It is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.