Mary’s books

Cover of the book

Book #6 of Mary Perrone Davis’ sweet series for children is now with publisher Nancy Williams, Laurus Publishing.

These stories feature Mary as a child, and emphasize her growing relationship with God. Mary and the Potter’s Wheel takes place on the first day of pottery class. As Mary learns to shape a lump of clay into something beautiful, she thinks about a recent quarrel with a friend. Could God be shaping her?


Cover of the book

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Cleaning the fish

The original artwork for this soon-to-be-republished Jewish fiction was created by the author himself. Beautiful, but the image was one solid bitmap, with no layers, and the publisher needed to be able to move individual elements around. This is where I come in – to create layers and do a little cleanup – not an unusual request.

I needed to make a large layer of only the gold texture, in case it was needed to cover the front and back. And I separated the fish from the symbols from the background, attaching effects to each layer that could be turned on or off. The symbols are an important part of the story, so I made them vector, cleaner edges and better readability. Last step was to make the dark water around the fish more uniform, while retaining the original painted feel. Quick and fun.

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Bringing back the Fiesta

original logo

This local interior design workroom was in need of a logo redo – one that reflected the vibrant window treatments and tailored upholstery they are known for creating.

I met with the owner and we worked out a sketch for the new logo that incorporated swags and jabots (that’s curtain talk in case it’s new to you too) with a font that was both “fiesta” and elegant.

The result is a logo with customized text that can be used with or without the swag. It looks striking in black and white, and also in Fabric Fiesta teal.

Business cards and a social media relaunch followed, with a focus on before-and-after project updates.